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   A quick explanation of what we do.

   Velocity Group is a custom publishing house. What does this mean? Well, we have few peers.
   Books are published in runs. The shorter the run the more useful the term limited edition.
   Then there are fine limited editions. The description here concerning the materials chosen to compose the book: its paper, its binding, its printing, the design -art direction - of the galley, the illustrations, the photography, the editorial perspective, the writing.
   With over forty years of experience in all of these fields, we go one step further, one step at a time.
   Our editions are not merely limited, they are custom. A truly fine limited edition may be a run of two or three hundred books. They are printed in one go and bound as a group. Then numbered, to show where it stands in the series, perhaps signed, then inventoried to await recognition and sale.

   Our books are only made when you contact us. The title page shows for whom the edition was produced, and on what date, each is numbered to show how many precede it. The galley for your edition is then setup for its individual press run by our master printer. It is then hand bound by arguably the finest binder of only a dozen or so capable of leather binding in the US at this point. Each edition is signed. It is then carefully over-packaged, and shipped to you.
   Design, illustration, photography, the writing, the press work, the binding, these are all disciplines of the art we produce. The individual piece of art encased in leather, to be enjoyed within the cast of a warm light, in a comfortable chair.